Interseasons – Photography Exhibition

by Reuben Shaul

“Intersaisons” captures the Alpine landscape during the transitional periods between winter and summer, and summer and winter – the interseasons. Amidst the bustling ski resorts like Avoriaz, these moments of transition reveal a landscape in flux, where melting snow unveils the raw earth beneath and the resorts almost resemble ghost towns, empty of people.

The project reflects the duality inherent in life – the balance between opposites that shape our world. Just as the interseasons bridge the extremes of winter and summer, my own journey reflects the tension between conflicting forces – tradition and modernity, chaos and order, freedom and constraint.

As an ongoing project, “Intersaisons” serves as a personal exploration of balance and harmony, a visual meditation on the interconnectedness of all things. Through these images, I seek to provoke questions about the nature of duality and whether opposites can exist without each other.

20th June – 4th July 2024
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
10:30-12:00 & 15:00-19:00

20th June at 18:00

Galery Simple
91 Rue du Bourg, Morzine
*Prints Available for Purchase